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Cutting absenteeism at work with the right hygiene products


How do you fancy having 650 extra full-time workers for free? That’s the equivalent number of staff that could be added to councils in Scotland alone if sickness rates were cut.


The Accounts Commission reported figures for 2015-16 highlighting that if the councils with high absence levels- including the Western Isles which has an average of 14.8 days off annually due to illness- were to manage the level of staff absenteeism, then it would be the equivalent staff time of 650 full-time employees.


But what measures can be taken to ensure less absences at work? Keeping both hands and surfaces germ-free is a start. With World Hand Hygiene Day this month, we thought giving a friendly reminder could help offices and work places alike make small steps to lower the number of colds and everyday illnesses from spreading, which often results in scores of employees taking time off. 


Viral and bacterial infections are spread by coughing, sneezing and touching or shaking hands with an infected person or contact with an infected surface. Viruses also travel through the air and can be inhaled by someone who sneezes or coughs without covering their mouth. 


As a nation we need to stress the importance of personal hygiene to therefore prevent sickness and ultimately, increasing absenteeism. The figures mentioned above are worrying but we do have options.


Hand sanitiser is an excellent start. Soap and water aren’t always readily available but with proper application, hand sanitiser can kill 99.9 per cent of germs.


Using sanitisers on both surfaces and hands isn’t the cure for all illnesses, but it definitely helps. Hopefully more people can make a conscious effort to keep germs at bay by washing or sanitising their hands and surfaces more regularly and help reduce the number of viruses and bacterial infections spreading throughout the work place.


We offer our customers sanitiser products by Byotrol, validated by PAS2424. Products with this standard give assurance that your surfaces remain protected for 24 hours following application of the sanitiser, particularly against foodborne pathogens.  


Byotrol PAS 2424 is also acknowledged in Europe, and is on the working group to be a European recognised EN standard.


So next time you sneeze or cough, remember to scrub your hands for at least 30 seconds with hand sanitiser to avoid leaving all your colleagues reaching for the cough remedies. It’s also worth bearing in mind to ensure your surfaces are sanitised properly, especially if you eat at your desk on a regular basis.


You can see our full range of surface and hand sanitisers here and if you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact sales@guthriegroup.co.uk